Go natural with Tom's Of Maine Toms Pprmnt Wc Tthpst (6x4.7 OZ). Contains Fluoride for cavity prevention, zinc citrate to control tartar, silica for whitening, and peppermint oils all for fresh, clean-feeling mouth. Our Whole Care toothpaste helps maintain good oral health by delivering cavity prevention, tartar control, whitening, and clean, fresh flavor using only natural ingredients. Does not contain triclosan; saccharin; artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors; or animal ingredients. Tested without the use of animals. Refreshing natural flavor. Real wintergreen and peppermint oils, not artificial sweeteners like saccharin, leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Fight cavities. Naturally sourced fluoride remineralizes soft spots on teeth before they turn into cavities. Controls tartar. Zinc citrate, a naturally occurring mineral, interferes with the calcification of plaque into tartar. Gentle whitening. Natural silica (derived from sand) improves cleaning and gently whitens without bleaching ingredients or harsh abrasives. Clean, sustainable planet. Made in U.S.A.. (Note: Description is informational only. Please read the ingredient label on the product for more information and always consult your health professional with any questions prior to use.)

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